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It's a fact.

When it comes to survival of your public radio or TV station -

Managing the pressing needs of today -

Navigating the necessary roads toward growth and security for you, your staff and your constituents - your listeners, viewers, supporters -

Whether you're considering consolidation, merger, acquisition or construction of broadcast or online properties -

Or seeking to create or enhance partnerships with local or regional non-profit or commercial content providers -

Or just figuring out your organization's role in a quickly evolving and chaotic media/information/entertainment/ educational environment -

Your station's very survival depends on the decisions you and your team make TODAY! There has never been a more crucial or confusing set of complex challenges -- and opportunities -- facing the non-commercial media industry.

Take a deep breath, relax and let Maxia Media illuminate the way to station prosperity with refreshing ideas, improved staff dedication and performance, and a secure future for your media service. We will help direct your success with our unique blend of talent, experience and technique. That's our MISSION. It's what we do.

Maxia Media offers comprehensive on-site, on-line, e-mail, telephone and Skype support. In consultation with you and based upon our experience in similar circumstances, we will conduct interviews with appropriate stakeholders, supervisors, subordinates, supporters and external constituents. We'll develop an action plan for your review and, upon your approval, guide you through the steps necessary to ensure complete satisfaction and success. Whatever the endeavor!

What are you waiting for? Contact us today.

"More is lost from indecision than bad decisions." Cicero

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